Referenzen/ Testimonies


„Marie is simply incredible. She possesses the amazing ability to perceive and pinpoint the invisible, other-worldly forces working around and affecting all creatures – human and animal, as well as delve into their long past histories.  Working only with photographs and across continents, Marie met and communicated with my animals,  advised me about their situations and  alerted me to life and death matters.  My appreciation is eternal.“
You know, you have so much going for you it’s difficult to summarize.
H. Ruth Karpes


„My four year old was having a lot of nightmares, and kept talking of a man she would see in her dreams–and just upon awakening, that she was afraid of. My older daughter had similar experiences as a child, particularly in the same rooms of our house. I decided I wanted a spiritual cleansing of my home.
Marie came in and did a traditional „sage clearing“ of our home, as well a more intense spirit clearing in my child’s room, and surrounding rooms.
The „man“ my child kept seeing did not appear to her anymore, as well as her nightmares diminished significantly. I wish I had done it sooner, and was grateful to Marie for her assistance in making my home a more peaceful place.“

Sharon M.
Colorado Springs, CO